1) AT: At is used with names of small town, villages, home. It used before a noun denoting a Definite point of time Ex: My friend lives at Kanti. He will be there at 10 A.M/ home/ dining table. 2) IN: In is used with names of big town, states etc. Ex: He lives in […]

Enjoy Preposition with The Fluenzy.

PREPOSITION A preposition is a word used to show the way in which other words are connected. It is used to express basic relationship between words. We can express the relationship of time, position and place by the use of preposition. Ex:  I can see you on Friday/ in October/ at 7PM/ for an hour. […]

Four Rules for learning Spoken English

 There are four simple rules you must follow when you are learning to speak English:     1. To learn to speak English correctly, you must speak it aloud.   It is important that you speak loudly and clearly when you are studying spoken English.  You are retraining your mind to respond to a new […]


The 17th South. Asian Association for Regional Cooperation ( SAARC ) Summit reached fruitful decisions after many discussions during the two day meeting held on November 10 and 11,2011 in Maldives. Its theme was “Building Bridges” – both in terms of physical connectivity and figurative political dialogue.SAARC member countries agreed to direct the SAFTA (South […]

Ornamented words on Litchi, Students and Sports.

In the oral section of any speech, if your introduction is impressive, then it scores much more….. . So, in order to improve your standard , me, RAVI, defining the word “Lichi“, “Student” and “Sports“.   A. Mr. Neelmani   1. Lichi / Litchi - A natural sponge/rasogullah having real sweetness with reddish appearance which gives us […]